If You’re Looking’ for Laughter, You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Girls Gone Weird’s unique mix of sketch, song and improv creates a comedic cocktail that’s sure to please. Irreverent and intelligent, quirky and chaotic, the show contains an abundance of music, characters and current topical humor. They were recently featured on the front page of the Dallas Morning News Arts section (with a really unattractive, massive, full-color action photo from a live show). Sherry Etzel and Lana K. Hoover, GGW creators and performers, have been entertaining audiences for years.  They combined their talents a few years back and found they had a knack for the intelligently absurd. The result?  Tons of fun and a million laughs.

GGW is the perfect solution for a fun-filled fundraiser, cool corporate event, light-hearted roast or whatever the occasion calls for. Their onstage antics have been spotlighted at political and church groups (not at the same time!), showers and rehearsal dinners, birthday celebrations, and business team-building rallies…all folks who understand that laughter makes for memorable event! And GGW is happy to tailor their material – or even pen something new – to make your special occasion extra special.

We don’t just do comedy…we’re kind of known for our theatrical exploits, too. We like to keep busy and creativity is what makes us tick, so most anytime, you’ll catch one of the two of us on a stage somewhere singing, acting or emoting, so check out what we’ve got going on in the Upcoming Gigs sidebar.