Sherry Etzel and Lana Hoover in Always....Patsy ClineJeremy William Osborne reviewed our performances in Aways….Patsy Cline last weekend. Read his full review here.

Some of the best parts:

Sherry Etzel reprises her role as Patsy Cline, having famously played the part at Greater Lewisville Community Theatre in 2009. Her voice is terrifically suited for the part. While being faithful to the originals, she brings her own small artistic touches to the songs. Etzel embodies the spirit of the show beautifully.

Lana K. Hoover is the excited, out-going, storytelling Louise Seger. Always?Patsy Cline is told through her experience and Hoover brings it to life with exceptional character. She’s spry, funny and just silly enough to keep the audience interested. There are times, like her trying to conduct the band, the robustness of Hoover’s characterization pulls the attention away from Etzel but the comedic effect of it makes it forgivable.

and …

Do your soul some good and go see Always…Patsy Cline at ONSTAGE in Bedford. You won’t be disappointed. Older generations will revel in the memories it brings back. Younger generations could gain an appreciation for some truly soulful country music.


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